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Welcome to Worlds Away, my first web comic!

Worlds Away is the story of Sarah, who is stuck in a small town, Alex, who comes to the same town to try to get away from his problems, and Anya, who, well, sort of just drops in. (:

This comic is automatically updated every Monday and Friday with a new page, so you should always find a new page here on those days. I really value your feedback, so please let me know if you are enjoying the comic of if your think I'm wasting my time by either leaving a comment on the Guestbook or by emailing me at poppa(at)imageware.com.au.

As a new reader, I strongly recommend you start the story at... well, the start! An alternative is to check out the Character List of those who have appeared so far to familiarise before moving on to the story... its your choice!

A lot of work has gone into this comic and I hope you enjoy it! - Poppa.

List of Characters from Worlds Away (in order of appearance):

Name: Sarah

First Appearance: Page 1 (Issue 1)

Sarah is bored... "Nothing ever seems to happen around here." She lives with her brother and his family in the town of Mountain Springs and works in the towns only supermarket, "Jimbo's".

She's not as nasty as she seems... honestly! She's just having a bad day (and haven't we all had one of those).

Name: Kristina

First Appearance: Page 1 (Issue 1)

Kris is Sarah's friend and workmate at Jimbo's. Heavily into conspiracy theories and town gossip (what a combination!).

Name: Alex

First Appearance: Page 3 (Issue 1)

Alex has just moved to Mountain Springs from the city thinking that a year away from it all might be just what he needs to sort out a few of lifes bigger issues. Shame he may never get the chance to... (:

Name: Jon

First Appearance: Page 7 (Issue 1)

Jon works at the local community radio station and takes Alex under his wing somewhat (after nearly killing him first!).

Name: Anya

First Appearance: Page 14 (Issue 1)

Every comic needs a visitor from space (I don't know why, but it says so in the rules), and Anya is Worlds Away's new resident alien! Easily bored, it wont take Anya long to find some way to amuse herself... at Alex's expense, no doubt!

Name: Tony

First Appearance: Page 16 (Issue 1)

I think Tony has become way too comfortable. As Mountain Springs "most eligable bachelor" (lets face it, there's not a lot of guys to pick from), he's not use to facing any real competition... Just don't call him Antonio!

Name: Russel

First Appearance: Page 16 (Issue 1)

Russel is a nice guy but can be a little quiet. Content in his role as Tony's side-kick, he may in the future prove to be a stronger character than he first appears. He works at his fathers furniture store.

Name: Eddie

First Appearance: Page 18 (Issue 1)

The owner of Eddie's Bar and Grill, you can always find Eddie there. Does he have a life away from that place? Who knows? Perhaps he fights crime in his spare time. (Perhaps not). Whatever he does, he seems friendly enough when he's behind the bar.

Name: Lyn

First Appearance: Page 8 (Issue 2)

Jon's wife. Don't really know much more than that at the moment.

Name: Jim

First Appearance: Page 8 (Issue 2)

The mananger of Jimbo's Food Barn, where Sarah and Kris work.

Name: Tara

First Appearance: Page 23 (Issue 2)

Tara is apparently only in town for a few days... Umm... we don't really know much more than that at the moment.

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